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Internal regulations

It is compulsory to present the ID card of any person over 16 years of age who accesses the facilities.
The amount of the accommodation will be paid on entering the establishment.
Persons not belonging to the establishment will not have access to the premises, only those registered at the reception will be allowed to enter.
Pets are not allowed.
Telephones with outside line are available to the client.


These complementary services are included in the price of the flats:

  • Information and tourist documentation of the area.
  • Bed linen and towels.
  • Fully equipped kitchen: Ceramic hob, extractor hood, cutlery, plates, glasses, coffee maker, microwave, toaster, fridge with freezer, washing machine and other kitchen utensils.
  • Living-dining room with television.
  • WIFI connection.
  • Cleaning utensils: mop, dustpan and broom, tea towel, dishcloth, scourer, cloth.

Use of the accommodation

The client is responsible for making the correct declaration of the number of persons occupying the flat, without omitting children and babies.
The administration of the flats can legally refuse entry to those persons not declared.
If you make use of the WIFI connection, you should be aware that the actions carried out during your stay in the accommodation are your sole responsibility.


The client and his companions must behave in a civic manner and respect the general rules of coexistence.
Any activity that disturbs the normal coexistence of the community in which the accommodation is located, such as loud music, noise or parties, will be grounds for the accommodation to be vacated immediately. It is forbidden to take any type of furniture (chairs, tables, etc.) outside the accommodation.


The client is obliged to take care of the furnished flat.
The client is obliged to take care of the furnished apartment, being responsible for any damage or loss that may occur in it.
The company is not responsible for the client’s personal belongings.
The objects found inside the flats will be kept in deposit for one month. If they are not required, they will be destroyed after this period of time.

Arrivals and Departures

The check-in and check-out time for the flats will be from 14:00 hours on the day of arrival.
The flats must be vacated before 12:00 a.m., otherwise an extra day’s charge will be made to the credit card provided by the client.

Vacationing of flats

Failure by customers to comply with any of the prohibitions established in these regulations shall entitle the Company to terminate the contract.
The owner of the establishment may request the assistance of the agents of the authority to evict users who do not comply with the internal regulations or who attempt to access or remain in the apartments for any purpose other than the normal use of the service, in accordance with the provisions of article 32.2 of the Tourism Act.

Cleanliness of the flat

The flat will be handed over clean and tidy.
The client undertakes to respect the order and cleanliness of the flat and to hand it over in the same conditions as it was handed over.
Rubbish from the flat may be deposited in a communal rubbish collection point in the vicinity of the terrace.

Swimming pools

The opening hours of the swimming pool are indicated on the information signs located at the entrance. Swimming is forbidden outside these hours.
Access to the swimming pool is only allowed to guests staying at the establishment, and to those who have paid the entrance fee if it is fixed.
It is compulsory to use the shower before swimming in the pool.
The use of the sun loungers in the swimming pool is free of charge and cannot be reserved. Please make use of the litter bins.

Car parking

The outdoor car park is free of charge for residents of the hotel establishment.
All users are urged to use only one parking space when parking their vehicle.
The use of the disabled parking area must be justified by showing the required card inside the vehicle.

Information on complementary services provided by third parties

Users may obtain information at reception about excursions, services and experiences provided by third parties, this establishment being exempt from responsibility for the services provided by these outside companies.
All the facilities and services offered comply with the security measures stipulated for this purpose, guaranteeing and promoting your safety.

Obligations of the users of the Tourist Accommodation

The owners of the establishments may prevent access and stay in the same of the users who do not comply or have previously failed to comply with any of the following duties (art. 36.3 and 22 Tourism Law 13/2011):

  • Observe the rules of coexistence and hygiene dictated for the proper use of tourist establishments.
  • Respect the internal rules of the tourist establishments, as long as they are not contrary to the law.
  • To respect the agreed date of departure from the establishment, leaving the occupied unit free.
  • To pay for the services contracted at the time of presentation of the invoice or within the agreed period, without the fact of presenting a complaint implying exemption from payment.
  • Respect the establishments, facilities and equipment of the tourist companies.
  • To respect the environment, historical and cultural heritage and the tourist resources of Andalusia.


Our facilities are protected by video surveillance in common areas 24 hours a day.

Contact, information and queries

If you have any doubts or questions regarding the operation of the facility, you can contact our reception staff, who will be happy to help you and, if necessary, will contact the person authorised to resolve your doubt or question. 24 hour contact person: María 646 923 141.